Image Editing and CGI from a Single Source

The company [zerone] is pioneer in the fields of image editing and the use of 3D computer graphics combined with photography.

"At the push of a button, the [0x1] ShaderLibrary provides us with renderings in excellent, photo-realistic quality. Our 3D Operators and customers can immediately concentrate on photographic tasks and create a good image from the "rendered photograph". For us as a company, it is also essential that these results are reproducible and new colleagues can quickly learn how to use the software. Last but not least, this is definitely a software developed by people who are familiar with day-to-day production. This is reflected, for example, in the ability to have car paints and other materials measured so that these data can be used as [0x1] shaders for the production. The speed of bug fixes is also fantastic. Moreover, [0x1] is a reliable partner whenever we require technical advice or production support."
(Tobias Aderhold, [zerone], Managing Director)

"I have been using the [0x1] ShaderLibrary since the beta and I am more than satisfied with the results. For me, quality is not the only thing that matters, as I also have to work under enormous time pressure. The interactive representation of [0x1] shaders in Maya enables me to work with the photographers to efficiently and reliably adjust the lighting on the computer. For me, the combination of Maya, mental ray and the [0x1] ShaderLibrary constitutes an unbeatable production pipeline."
(Andre Masmeier, [zerone] cgi, Senior 3D Operator)

"[0x1] has developed plug-ins and scripts for our special tasks which simplify our workflow enormously. These additional tools fit perfectly into our processes and close the gaps that we see in standard software. This helps greatly to increase our productivity. The quality of service and the reaction times of [0x1] are exemplary, which is essential with our tight production schedules."
(Kai Schubert, [zerone] cgi, Senior 3D Operator)