Synthesis of photography and design

Tom Grammerstorf is a vehicle photographer who combines the use of 3D software with traditional photography.

"Future photo productions for advertising and vehicle motifs are using CGI support more and more. This is already clearly visible today in customers' reactions and conversion processes.

Moreover, CGI can be used in a much more versatile manner than originally assumed, not just with regard to vehicle rendering.

With the [0x1] software, its measured materials and physically accurate light simulation, I have control of the result from the beginning to the end of the production. My HiRes visualization on location allows me to present my customers with a realistic result practically in real-time, and the transparency lets me explain my work process clearly. Not just the position of a vehicle or a piece of architecture, but also the motion and lighting conditions can be adjusted immediately.

[0x1] gives me the opportunity to react at once to creative processes, and guarantee that my customers' expectations will be realized 100 percent. Further editing in postproduction is much less complicated, and the compatibility with automobile manufacturers makes this a highly advanced workflow.

(Tom Grammerstorf)