Who we are
Techvis was established in 2003. Andreas Krämer and a permanent Team of 3D professionals form this "digital manufactory". Throughout the years we also built up a reliable network of freelancers to help us with the realization of major projects. Our close cooperation with partners such as Autodesk or [0x1] Software guarantees the high quality and actuality of our services.
Ho we work
We see ourselves as service provider for the industry as well as partner for agencies and photographers.
We assist our customers to come up with new ideas and take care of the realization of said ideas, no matter if the job consists of standard graphics for catalogue usage or more elaborate and tricky beauty shots.
The plane command structure within our company allows the output of solutions within extremely short spans of time, starting from early scribbles up until the final composition. Our focus lies mainly on the world of 3D graphics. Our goal is not to replace present services, but becoming part of the creative process where every expertise has its own place, be it the creative service of an agency or a photographer's art work. Though we are able to provide post production and art work, as well, if so demanded.

"We apply the [0x1] ShaderLibrary since its original release. Especially the real time display of the Viewport gives us a tremendous gain in time, giving the operators and photographers more time for the creative process. This does not apply to automobile projects, either, but for any kind of CGI production."
Andreas Krämer, Head of CGI, Techivs

Consulting & Education
We share our knowledge. Andreas Krämer, visiting lecturer at the department Design at the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg will gladly assist you with your rendering projects. As an experienced educational and consulting partner he will show you the possibilities of CGI, how to make your processes of generating and processing graphics more efficient, and how to sensibly apply 3D renderings to your designs, marketing and distribution. Of course, individual trainings for your employees are possible, as well.