Hinge Digital: Foodscape

Hinge Digital is an award-winning turnkey visual effects, animation and production studio, providing comprehensive creative services for the advertising and entertainment industries.

The Studio was founded by world class visual effects and animation artists Alex Tysowsky, Michael Kuehn, and Roland Gauthier.

November 2013, Hinge’s Look Development Lead Jonathan Beals was featured in 3D Artist Magazine. His photoreal architectural rendering featured NVIDIA's Iray Renderer. NVIDIA and [0x1] approached Hinge Digital and asked them to road test the [0x1] IrayForMaya plugin. So Hinge Digital become one of the very first beta tester and challenged the beta of [0x1] IrayForMaya with an animation project: Foodscape.

The full blog is available at hingedigital.com

"Our ultimate goal was to create a fanciful scene showcasing appetizing organic materials using [0x1] IrayForMaya, and we were more than happy with the end result. Iray’s highly optimized GPU acceleration allowed our artists to interactively tune both lighting and shaders in scene. Iray’s powerful MDL and LPE features made material development and render pass output very customizable. Its ability to also render on our CPU render farm gave us additional flexibility. Even though it was still in beta at the time, the software worked surprisingly smoothly. We would recommend Iray and the IrayForMaya plugin from [0x1] for anyone looking for a powerful and versatile real-time rendering solution. We are pleased with the usability of the software and look forward to putting Iray to the test again in our next production."

Jonathan Beals, Look Development Lead at Hinge Digital