Audi. Vorsprung durch Technik

Project VDEV

The starting point was Audi Design's idea to lastingly improve the designing process by using vehicle animations. A neutral consideration and evaluation of different designs were crucial in achieving this goal.
In cooperation with Audi Design, we at first analyzed previously used operation methods and tools to develop an efficient visualization pipeline from that point on. A predesigned visualization setup and custom-made software components by [0x1] made it possible for Audi Design to create high-quality animations automated to the greatest possible extent.
"The Virtual Design Experience Vehicle - VDEV for short - enables us to create high quality animations within a single day.
The challenge here was to avoid an increase in workload for the designers, who like to fine-tune their models until shortly before the presentation of the design.
Additionally, the vehicle was supposed to move in a virtual 3D environment to guarantee the highest possible freedom in regards to camera perspectives.
The workflow was automated by [0x1] from start to finish:
- Data transfer from the real-time rendering to Maya
- Adding shaders
- Automated CAD model rigging and animation
- Export and rendering in Mental Ray
The result and the cooperation with [0x1] were excellent
Daniel Brix, Audi Design


Whenever Audi Design are in need of high quality visualizations for presentation purposes, they rely on [0x1]'s ShaderLibrary.
"We are using the [0x1] ShaderLibrary since 2012.
Since then our renderings made a tremendous leap in quality.
Gone are the times of endless test renderings.
Finally I am able to control lighting and reflections of the model without any problems.
And should I have any questions regarding the software, I'm getting an optimum in support.
Daniel Brix, Audi Design