Iray for Maya feature list


[0x1] Software und Consulting GmbH integrates NVIDIA® Iray into Autodesk ® Maya ®.

Iray for Maya 2.6 for Autodesk Maya 2020, Maya 2021 and Maya 2023 is available here.

Feature list:

  • NEW Maya 2023 support / Beta for 2024 available
  • NEW Spectral Rendering
  • NEW Ghost Lights
  • NEW Guided Sampling
  • NEW: Diffuse Bump Energy Compensation
  • NEW Ambient Occlusion for Iray Photoreal
  • NEW Ghost Lights
  • NEW Global texture compression option
  • NEW: ifmLabDelta node

  • GPU and CPU rendering
  • Progressively physically based, global illumination rendering
  • Physically based, layered material model
  • Image based lighting (IBL) using multiple IBL nodes in a single scene
  • Sun and sky lighting model
  • IES light emitter
  • Light emitting geometry
  • Support for Maya's standard Directional, Spot, Point and Area Light
  • Textureable Maya Area Lights(Iray Photoreal)
  • Light Portal functionality for Area Lights
  • Custom color for material ID and object ID
  • Iray Photoreal: Antialiasing for Auxiliary Canvases
  • Support for Maya's UV based textures and shading networks including multiple UVs
  • Fast convergence without persistent artifacts
  • Simultaneous rendering component output (diffuse, specular, depth, etc.)
  • Additonal BSDFs for glossy light interaction
  • Light path expressions for custom component output
  • Aperture shape can be chosen
  • Stereo rendering for Virtual Reality content creation
  • Stereo rendering: Left and right camera can be rendered at the same time
  • Lens distortion with spherical and cylindrical projection preset
  • Tone mapping
  • Caustic sampler
  • Architectural sampler
  • Matte shadows
  • Depth of field
  • Motion blur
  • Vertex animation motion blur
  • Vertex color rendering
  • Degrain function
  • Improvements to Deep-Learning powered Post Denoiser
  • Bloom filtering
  • Support of Camera Scale
  • Camera parameter Refract Backplate
  • Improved image plane, incl. texture map support
  • Iray Section Objects with section capping for objects
  • Support for Quadro VCA and Iray Server streaming
  • Support for Iray Queue Manager
  • Support for MDL archives (mdr)
  • Automated instancing detection
  • Shadow terminator offset to remove shadow borderline artifacts
  • Normal mapping supported using ifmNormalMapping
  • Particle instancer node support
  • Emitter nodes ifmOmiTempEmitter and ifmSpotTempEmitter
  • ifmDecal node
  • Advanced environment settings
  • ifmSwitcher
  • Bucket rendering
  • ifmBsdf and ifmBsdfMetallicFlakes material
  • Faster animation rendering
  • Material Viewer support
  • ifmState node
  • HyperShade swatch rendering
  • AxF import
  • Meta data for OpenEXR file format
  • MDL preset export
  • Export to RealityServer
  • Export to RealityServer

4 reasons why you want Iray for Maya


Iray for Maya is a production ready physical based renderer.

Iray for Maya provides a state of the art light simulation for any kind of cgi production. You can get photorealistic rendering results with a minimum of tweaking.

Iray for Maya gives you no limitation pushing the limits of lighting and material design.

Even if Iray for Maya is easy to use you don't lose the flexibility you need in a professional production environment. This is possible by using the integrated IrayForMaya material nodes as well as programming your own material description using MDL (Material Definition Language)

Iray for Maya takes advantage of the latest technology without losing downstream compatibility.

Iray for Maya will usually run on your Maya workstation, doesn't matter if you have a nvidia graphics card installed or not. Utilizing the advantage of GPU support only requires one or more NVIDIA video card with at least 2 GB of video memory. Taking advantage of GPU accelerated rendering enables you to scale the render performance nearly linear. To find out more about the required hardware please refer to the nvidia-webpage.

Iray for Maya  is well integrated in Maya and easy to use.

As an experienced Maya user you are able to use Iray for Maya out of the box. It is easy to understand and straight forward to use.