While everyone who edits or generates images works in a similar way, the methods are by no means identical. This results in a multitude of diverse problems which call for individual solutions. A detailed analysis of the problem is therefore essential to finding a precise solution. Naturally, our consultation is independent of the result: If there is already a solution on the market which we feel confident in recommending, we will do so.


If the market does not have the solution for your specific need, you will receive the suitable tools directly from us. We will develop scripts, plug-ins and stand-alone programs that allow you to really optimize your workflow - in excellent and reproducible visual quality, of course. We generally achieve significant increases in performance and quality which pay off quickly for our customers – and yield a swift return on investment when put into practice.



Production Support

One of our strengths is our production experience in the field of applied computer graphics. This benefits more than our software solutions. We not only create solutions, we apply them to productions. If you need support for a CGI production, we are here for you.




Training during Production

If you have a specific task to complete for which you require support, we can give it. This allows us to combine a particular production task with a practical learning effect.