What is [0x1] Iray® For Maya®?

IrayForMaya is the integration of Iray into Maya.

What is NVIDIA® Iray®?

Iray is the first GPU-accelerated solution for physics-based, photo-realistic rendering world-wide. Combined with the parallel processing power of the latest NVIDIA® video processors, Iray achieves interactivity with extremely fast reactions and significantly accelerates the iterations required to create perfect scenes. For a detailed description of Iray please visit NVIDIA ARC's website.

Isn't Iray automatically included in Maya after I install mental ray®?

The basic technology of iray is included in mental ray, but it does not have the full functionality. [0x1] integrates Iray as an independently available renderer in Maya.

Does [0x1] IrayForMaya support NVIDIA's Material Definition Language (MDL)?

Materials defined using MDL are supported. For a description of NVIDIA's Material Definition Language please visit NVIDIA ARC's website.

What are the advantages of an independent Iray integration for Maya?
The seamless integration in Maya places Iray at your disposal as a renderer suitable for production with all its advantages and features in Maya. The interactivity and scalable architecture are surely interesting to users with regard to using different CPUs and GPUs.

Which operating systems will [0x1] IrayForMaya be available for?

[0x1] IrayForMaya is available for 64-bit-Windows and 64-bit Linux.

What hardware do I need in order to use [0x1] IrayForMaya?

Basically, [0x1] IrayForMaya functions on all computers that can be used to run Maya. Utilizing the advantage of GPU support locally requires an NVIDIA® video card with at least 2 GB of video memory.

What is a [0x1] IrayForMaya local workstation license?

This license is meant for individuals to access and use [0x1] IrayForMaya. A local workstation license will run on one single workstation with up to 3 render resource licenses and can't be transfered to another computer. It enables you to use three render resources on your local workstation. The resources are always the CPUs and two additional graphic cards.

What is a [0x1] IrayForMaya floating workstation license?

A floating workstation license supports the use of [0x1] IrayForMaya up to a maximum number of users or “seats”, who are connected to a server network. The products can be installed on as many computers as desired; however, at any one time, can only run on the maximum number of computers for which licenses have been purchased.  Because you can install the products on more systems than the number of licenses purchased, you get true floating licenses across your entire network. Each floating licenses comes with 5 render resource licenses. Each render resource license can be used by any computer connected to the floating license server.

What is a render resource?

A render resource is a unit that is used to calculate the image. All CPUs in one machine are one render resource. Each graphic card, that is detected by Iray, is one render resource. For each render resource you need one render resource license. A render resource license is always a floating license. The only exception are the render resource licenses coming with a local workstation licenses. These licenses can't be used in a network.

Is a trial version for IrayForMaya available?

A free trial version of IrayForMaya is for a 30 day period available. The trial version covers the full feature set of the software and needs Maya 2015. Currently the trial version is only available for Windows operating system. The usage of the trial version for commercial production is not allowed.

You can download the trial version here.